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CH Imbrez Hot Why Not

Miniature Schnauzer, Female, 2002

RIP our dear Iida (2002-2013)!

Our first miniature schnauzer ever. Iida was a spectacular mover with the most harshest coat we’ve seen. Her most favorit thing to do was to hunt rabbits.
Iida’s breeder Mikko Samuli patiently teached me the basics of grooming and helped me to understand the anatomy and appearance of the breed. I was lucky to get my first MS from such an exceptional breeder!

Pedigree: Click here!

Those special memories of you
will always bring a smile.
If only we could get you back,
for just a little while,

Then we could have fun and play
like we use to do.
You always meant so very much
and always will do too!

The fact that you’re no longer here,
will always cause us pain,
but you’re forever in our hearts,
until we meet again!

Awards / Titles
  • Finnish Champion
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